Electricity Pricing

No wonder electricity pricing is back in the news.  People across Ontario pay the highest electricity prices in Canada, if not all of North America.  This isn't surprising, though, because all one has to do is look to the politicians and their advisors.  This systemic problem isn't limited to just the Liberal Party – its all of the parties because this is the fashionable move to ensure some people have their pockets very well lined, on the backs of Ontarians.

Official Plans. A Blueprint to Shut Down Rural Ontario by Donna Burns

The FINAL public meeting on the Renfrew County Official Plan Amendment 25 (OPA 25) was held on Tuesday, Aug. 23rd in Renfrew at the Horton Twp. Community Centre. The last of seven such meetings…. this was the LAST CHANCE to learn about the County Official Plan and the impact it would have on private properties as a result of “land designations” being applied to determine what type of regulations will be enforced on our land-use conditions.