In 2012 Brian Lilley (today a radio host for CFRA) did an 11 min. video with Elizabeth Nixon, a long-time investigative journalist, who wrote a book called Eco-Facists. She lives on 28 acres in BC and through her own personal experience with radical conservationists that involved costly environmental studies to build a 2nd home on her property as well investigative research to learn why environmental groups had so much power and why property owners had little say on what they can and cannot do on their land. SEE VIDEO BELOW.

Brian brings up the example of the current "multi-use" trail called the A2A (Algonquin to Adirondacks) corridor trail consisting of 80 million acres - an ecological corridor that means no lands rights, no water rights. This corridor trail is planned to go through the central-westerly part of Renfrew County. We also have ongoing the Algonquin Trail (former CPR corridor), another multi-use trail on the eastern portion of Renfrew County. It seems the goal is to have HUGE tracts of land to restrain human activity and revert the land back to its natural wild vegetation before human settlement. But it doesn't stop there.... We also have the:

a) the County Official Plan that includes land designations (created by the environmentalist groups) such as wetlands, woodlands, wildfire lands to RESTRICT the use of land on PRIVATE property-- properties that DO NOT BELONG to the municipalities

b) the Community Improvement Plans where municipalities propose "financial incentives" as a "hook" to environmentally improve small businesses and residential properties for control under their authority

c) provincial Bill 139 (Building Better Communities and Conserving Watersheds Act, 2017) already passed by our MPP's and awaiting Royal Assent. - a bill Bill designed to give more power to municipalities and conservation authorities granting bylaw officers & conservation officers "warrantless entries" on private properties to ensure newly created environmental bylaws will be enforced in addition to creating "local planning tribunals" (an internal court basically) to make "rulings" against those private property owners who dare to challenge the "fines" for not complying to their bylaws

(d) provincial Bill 148 (Fair Workplace & Betters Jobs Act, 2017) making minimum wage increase mandatory, ultimately forcing small business owners to reduce their hours of operation or lay off workers. How many small businesses in Renfrew County will be forced to close?

(e) Federal - Small Business Tax Reform -- another attack against small business that may force eventual closures in Renfrew County and the rest of rural Ontario. How many PRIVATE campgrounds in Renfrew County will this affect?

(f) Federal Motion 104 - Ottawa River Watershed Council. Environmentalists seeking control of all use of water for conservation - another means for the control of water on private properties (i.e. wells, septic systems, streams, ponds, creeks)?.

Listen to this video..... a video made 6 Years Ago (2012) and just compare that to what is going on in Renfrew County right now, perhaps even purchase the book Eco Facists to get even more insight to what appears to be planned for our future in this county and rural Ontario as well..

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